API Resource for eBay @InTradeSys

Welcome, fellow developer. If you're concerned with building PHP based applications that interface with eBay, you've come to the right place.
But even if you're using eBay APIs through different languages or other SDKs, the Live API Playground may still be worth checking out.

Supported eBay APIs

The Trading, Shopping, Finding, Merchandising, Product, Product Metadata (Discontinued), Resolution Case Management, Feedback, Related Items Management, Return Management and Large Merchant Services APIs are fully supported.
Care about an API not yet covered? Let us know.

SDK Download

Just need an SDK? Need versions for older API releases? Download them from here. Note to EBatNS users: This is what you are looking for.

Live API Playground & Code Factory

Documentation is important, but sometimes you want to play, try and see. The playground supports typed, nested and repeated inputs, authenticated calls with user tokens and is cross referenced into the API documentation on a field-by-field basis. Once you are happy with the result, you can:

  • Execute the call against the sandbox or live ebay environments
  • Retrieve ready-to-use code for your parameterized call (PHP for all APIs, JavaScript for Finding and Merchandising)
  • Shortlink your parameterized call to discuss with colleagues, seek help etc.

Forum & Support

For the time being, we suggest that you use the eBay developers program forums. Please note that neither the PHP SDKs nor the Playground are eBay products, so please don't expect eBay staff to support them. We'll have an eye on the forum though and try to help you out. For paid support options ranging from on-demand, best effort to 24/7 SLAs please contact us anytime.

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