The plugin provides an easy and fast way to generate the PHP eBay SDKs right into projects in your workspace. After installing it you will find an icon within your toolbar that will open the Generation Wizard. Via this Wizard you can select the eBay API, version and target folder into which you want to generate the SDK.

The Plugin will download the corresponding .wsdl file from eBay, add some prepared class templates and then generate a fully featured SDK for that API and version.

At the moment it only supports PHP as language, but it uses a pretty generic data model and might be extended to support more programming languages if and when enough people express their interest.

As we don't use a software site for the time being, the installtion is done via the drop-ins folder. The eclipse dropins folder is easy to use, you will find it directly within your eclipse installation:


Download the .jar file from the bottom of this page and copy it into this folder. For example:


Hint If you use more then one eclipse installation and want to avoid copying the plugin in all of your installations, you can also create a shared dropins folder and configure it within your eclipse.ini. For example:[PathToSharedFolder]

To update to a newer version you will need to delete your old Version and replace it by the new one. Make sure that you don't have more than one Version within your dropins folder.

Hint If you face any issues try to start eclipse with the -clean parameter (within your eclipse.ini)

Hint There is no need to update the plugin for new API releases. Update only if there are new versions of the plugin itself.

Version Modified Size Download
0.3.1.Beta 2015-05-06 57.5 Kb Download
0.3.0.Beta 2015-04-27 55.5 Kb
0.2.9.Beta 2015-04-15 55.5 Kb
0.2.8.Beta 2015-02-26 55.5 Kb
0.2.7.Beta 2015-02-19 55.5 Kb
0.2.6.Beta 2015-02-06 55.5 Kb
0.2.5.Beta 2015-01-30 55.5 Kb
0.2.4.Beta 2015-01-26 55.0 Kb
0.2.1.Beta 2015-01-23 55.0 Kb
0.2.0.Beta 2015-01-21 55.0 Kb
0.18.Beta 2014-10-13 54.0 Kb
0.17.Beta 2014-09-29 54.0 Kb
0.16.Beta 2014-06-25 50.0 Kb
0.15.Beta 2014-05-12 48.0 Kb
0.14.Beta 2014-02-10 48.0 Kb
0.13.Beta 2013-12-18 48.0 Kb
0.12.Beta 2013-11-20 48.0 Kb
0.11.Beta 2013-11-18 48.0 Kb
0.10.Beta 2013-11-16 48.0 Kb